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Our Dedication, Efforts and Patience were the Secrets and the Tools of our Impressive Success
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JaberTech has assembled a group of talented professionals with extensive experience in technology and product development and marketing. Furthermore, the Company understands that the best technologies can languish if they are not properly employed into products that are likewise properly marketed. Moreover, lesser technologies can just as easily beat the best if prudently developed into products that are promoted by superior marketing strategies. Therefore, the Company has embarked on an effort to acquire top quality personnel to serve as our initial cadre of engineering, sales and marketing personnel. Most of these individuals identified to date have 20 years or more of experience with large companies and research and development institutions. Backgrounds of the key personnel from this group are available at Appendix 1. Several of these individuals are currently under contract with other firms but are available for consulting until such time as JaberTech becomes fully funded.


radwan ENG. Radwan Jaber CEO and Chairman of the board.

Mr. Jaber is co-founder of JABERTECH CANADA INC. and JABER Associates LL C..
.Over 19 years of experience in planning and directing efforts in engineering to:
-Provide technical guidance and sound engineering procedures.
-lead the works of highly skilled engineering staff, placing particular emphasis on research and development to achieve product engineering objectives.
-Confer with marketing department to consider market potential for new products.
-Develop new product from the beginning concept to testing and full production.
-Organize engineering staff to accomplish goals efficiently and authorize recruitment for additional personnel as required.
-Monitor progress of projects, confers with Project Managers and reviews reports to see that development is progressing according to schedule and within budgetary guidelines.
-Work closely with Managers to establish long range operating goals and expansion.
.Mr. Jaber Holds a B. Sc. And M. Sc. In Engineering From Oklahoma State University.

E-Mail Address: randy@jabertech.com


ENG. Marwan Jaber CTO and Chairman of the board.

The inventor and the founder of Jaber associates LLC. incorporated in Delaware USA since the 26 of December 2000 which holds the patents in the DSP domain.

The founder of JABERTECH CANADA INC., the operating company in Canada incorporated on the 23 of April 2003.


-Over twelve years of progressive experience in Digital Signal Processing, Algorithms Architectures and Explorations, Digital Filtering, Audio and Speech Processing, Low-Power and Real-Time Systems, Communication Systems, Image Processing, Parallel Processing and Massively Parallel Processing environment, Blind Equalization, Time-frequency Analysis, Array Signal Processing and project management.

-Detailed work has included experience with methods of signal processing including Fourier analysis (FFT, IFFT, DFT, Z-Transform), advanced digital and analog filtering, linear de-convolution, and buried signal extraction.

-Software work has included embedded-processor Fast Fourier Transform and interpolation software for the FMCW radar, Airborne CFAR radar, off-line FFT processing software for test signals downloaded from the FMCW radar and Airborne CFAR radar.

-Detailed work has included experience with methods of signal processing in vibration analysis for machines fault detection.

E-Mail Address: marwan@jabertech.com

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marcel Mr. Marcel D'Antos, Vice-President

Mr. Marcel D'Antos held a master degree in business administration (MBA) and has engineering (B.Eng.) background in the Electron and Laser Optics technologies.
Mr. D'Antos has over fifteen years marketing experience in the digital storage technologies and telecommunication industries. As Vice-President of Marketing and Business Development for one of the key international companies specialized in developing and manufacturing of the optical disc replication equipment and systems he had initiated and concluded major turnkey projects worldwide. As a Marketing Director for the Middle East division of one the largest global telecommunication company he had provided foundation and direction with the innovative marketing strategies targeting the local market and needs.
His successful tenure further illustrate his capabilities and adaptability in international multiple market disciplines. Serving as Sales and Marketing Director for SAI he had established new performance standards for the sales personnel in the telecommunication division and became distinguished member of the top Sales District in the USA and Europe.
He was instrumental in bringing several new products and services to the international market. Mr. D'Antos has a strong experience in project management, promotion and public relationship.

E-Mail Address: marcela@jabertech.com




Mr. TREVOR HILL, Vice-President Public Relation
Mr. Trevor Hill graduated from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology as a Petroleum Engineering Technologist.
He has worked 14 years in the oilfield, some overseas work in Egypt, but the majority in the dynamic Western Canadian Oilpatch. He has seen the industry from the drilling, service and production sectors, working positions from Roughneck to Directional Driller.

In those years, Trevor Hill has also worked as a investment broker, raising venture capitol from suitable investors for technology companies, to assist North American business ventures.

E-Mail Address: trevor.hill@adnst.com






The Company That Offers a Unique DSP System Solutions By The Parallel Implementation of Its Innovative DSP Core Engines For The Third Millennium Ultra High Speed Applications